Recently been getting oddly excited about using todo.txt, after I discovered

My work laptop is super locked down though so I can’t install any apps (can’t even get Sleek off the App Store) so it’s Notepad++ and AutoHotKey all the way (I’m thrilled to bits that we’re allowed to use these at least!)

So you can download a user-defined language to colour code your list in Notepad++, it turns out there’s already a hotkey in Notepad++ to sort alphabetically. I wrote a couple of lines in AutoHotKey to mark things as Done and to include the completion date. And then I completely cheated and downloaded a very fancy AutoHotKey script that has a GUI and everything.

Only thing is, that doesn’t make much use of priorities (which I want to use), and the colour-coded text in Notepad++ is easier to read. So I’m using this to quickly add stuff occasionally, and also to archive completed tasks.

I want to write myself a little script that will be able to add/remove/cycle through priorities, and figure out how that fancy script is doing the archiving. Then I’ll have a little toolset in AutoHotKey that will work alongside my little Notepad++ setup, and then I’ll get loads done!! Or at least I’ll get loads written down, and it’ll be nice colours.