Thinking about interoception today. When I was little I was super skinny, I guess it would have been looked at like an eating disorder or something. But as I remember it, I was just never hungry. I think I still get this nowadays, maybe when I’m feeling down, or stressed or overwhelmed. I just genuinely don’t want to eat anything.

I think I have a similar issue with being thirsty too - I sort of… like the feeling of being thirsty? It’s just this feeling in my mouth and it’s fine. I have to remind myself to actually go and drink something. I often have some system on the go to help my track how much I’m drinking throughout the day because otherwise I’ll give myself a headache.

I don’t like to feel cold so I’ll wear an extra layer etc to keep warm, and then I won’t notice that I’m too warm until I make myself ill.

And lastly it’s emotions. It seems like I’m rubbish at recognising them. I have wondered for a while now if I can’t tell the difference between feeling excited and feeling anxious. I don’t think I’m really able to spot that I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed until it’s too late.